Sunday, January 18, 2015

So far it has been an interesting introduction to the world of cultural modifications. The readings on the bindings were gruesome to me, but I can understand that it was a cultural thing. Keeping an open mind is a necessary skill to anyone that wants to travel the world. Being one that aligns with the "hipster" perspective, I never really cared what society thought of my looks. I have tattoos, have had gauges, and will be re-dreading my hair this summer if all works out. I especially liked the first reading for this week where the author talks about the safe practices and not just having a cool idea without weighing the consequences. Too many people think that a tattoo for example is cute, they go to a terrible artist, put it on canvas that isn't easily concealable, and put up with it because that is what they decided (or has it lazered or covered). If more people would put the research in, and spend more time thinking about how it will change their lives (like the man who wanted to have his face sliced so the artist drew red sharpie lines on him and told him to leave it all week to see if he still wanted it) less people would have bad modifications, and the modern primitive culture would probably have less negative views from the "christian" perspective.

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  1. Ah, safe practices. I feel confident in asserting most that work in the field of body modification take safe practices very seriously.