Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mary Mik

Bound to Tradition

As a young adult who has grown up in a free will society, trying to understand how individuals could not and did not stand up for their beliefs can be difficult. In recent American news, it is becoming the norm for the people to create unrest when they don’t agree with something. Consider the results of the following: the Michael Brown court decision,

The results of the results is arming police with military grade equipment. In fact, they have received government funding for this equipment. Police are being trained to utilize these weapons properly, as they should. However, if they’re being taught tactics similar to the military, the question arises: are police truly decompressing civil unrest for a better society, or do they view civilians almost at enemies?
Although these outbreaks may appear more serious, both these American situations and Chinese foot binding stemmed from powerful beliefs that drew out damaging results.

reflecting upon Chinese foot binding
I commend Americans for displays what they believe is morally incorrect, however, I find respect in the Chinese staying silent in situations that could have caused unrest. Clearly, our money has been dumped into policing due to the results of America’s civil unrest. I’m nearly classically conditioned to wonder who and how the people will oppose to a decision or situation.

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