Sunday, January 25, 2015

Finding Beauty in Ink

People can often judge and discriminate individuals who choose to modify their bodies in ways that others might find unusual or unappealing. One of these modification that some people might wrongly judge is tattoos. Some people decide to get tattoos because it will mean something to them or people who they care about. I don't believe someone should get instantly judged based on tattoos or any physical feature that could get you to think wrongly of him. Unfortunately, I was raised by parents who are strongly against tattoos, piercings, or any physical modifications that they find unacceptable. They truly believe that modifying your physical appearance will damage one’s reputation in society and people will see you as a “strange and unusual” individual. Although I don’t have a tattoo or piercing, I think my parents, and others who might think similarly, are wrong to judge and belittle such art.
After watching Sailor Jerry’s documentary, I realized how interesting and fascinating tattoos can truly be. The artwork that can come from tattoo artists is really amusing to watch since they can portray something very meaningful to someone and it will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Over the recent years, the temptation of getting a tattoo in my body has continuously increased since I have been able to see the beauty and values behind it. The only thing that has questioned the idea of getting a tattoo is my family’s strong opposition against it. I don’t think I will be getting a tattoo as of now, but I plan on looking more deeply into getting a tattoo in couple of months or years.
One thing I did not like about the documentary was Sailor Jerry and his staff admitting to not cleaning or using new needles at times. I understand that this occurred several years ago and the majority of tattoo shops use clean needles, but I can’t stand to the idea of someone transmitting deadly diseases through a dirty needle to someone who just wanted a tattoo. I believe everyone who plans on getting a tattoo should be guaranteed clean and effective equipment. I think it is very unethical and wrong to practice the use of dirty needles in a tattoo shop in order prolong resources. This case would be a strong point for people who are against tattoos (like my parents) to express why getting tattoos is bad, and I wouldn’t argue against them if using dirty needles is a common practice. However, I do trust that tattoo shops (or at least the ones that I’ve seen) use clean needles, as they could easily be shut down if they work with already used equipment.

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