Saturday, January 31, 2015

Fashion and Body Hair

When, I began to read the posts from The Last Triangle blog I began to think of how much time I spent shaving. It personally has never bothered me to shave. However, I found it ridiculous, that there is a changing fashion about the amount of pubic hair one has, for both males and females. Why does it matter what people do with a part of their body that is usually covered?

I think that is a personal choice. The article “Brazilian waxes, ball ironing and other summer fun” really stood out to me. I don’t think men should have to endure ball ironing or women should need Brazilian waxing, but I am not opposed to it if someone wants to have it done for his or herself. I am also not endorsing anything like this as it does sound extremely painful.

Perhaps I am open minded about the subject because my family did not really care about whether or not I shaved. However, I did hear about shaving in middle school and decide to try it. So, my opinions were probably socially influenced as well. Yet I am comfortable with how I am. I think if one is comfortable with their choice of whether or not to shave, other people should respect them. 

However, it is reasonable to assume that with the media promoting hair removal products that this will not happen readily.
It just is really disconcerting that so much time is put forth to convince people whether or not they should shave their pubic hair to fit in to the fashion in society. In the article “The Bush is Back”, that author speaks about mannequins with pubic hair. Okay sometimes there is a hype about pubic hair, supposedly. Yet, it seems rather unnecessary.
I think whatever one wants to do with his or her genital region should be considered acceptable. That should be left up for an individual to decide based on how he or she feels about it. It should not matter what is usual. Some people may not want to shave. They point out that there is no medical benefit to shaving and that shaving can be painful, or irritating to the skin. Other people claim shaving is great because it makes the body feel smooth. I think both of these sentiments have great points. There are pros and cons to shaving that one must consider. Yet, if someone does not want to shave there is no reason they should have to, and the same goes for if someone does choose to shave. This is an issue of personal choice and preference.

At the end of the day, the choice to shave should not be one coming from the desire to fit in or impress others, but rather what makes one feel his or her best. In today’s society with the influx of commercials and hype surrounding the issue of shaving, making a personal opinion can be influenced by these outside factors. It is not an easy decision to make. Yet people should try to be aware that commercials and society may be framing their decision and at least think about the issue before deciding what he or she wants to do.

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  1. I agree with individual choice but wonder if when really do have a choice given the fact 98% of women shave their legs and under arms.