Sunday, February 1, 2015

Hairless Norm

While I think that women with shaved bodies are sexy, I am perfectly fine with them not. I find it terrible how the image of a woman that we impose on children are these shaven, makeup slathered, unnatural barbie dolls walking around today. I hate it when a woman wears makeup, I find it unattractive, and the smell of any cover-up makes me nauseous.

It is the opposite for men. Rather than being picked on for having hair, you are called a pussy if you can't grow a beard. I had it lucky on that front since I had a decent beard when I was 12, and a full beard when I was 15. While boys found it awesome when a "bro" has cool facial hair, girls found it disgusting, just like having hairy legs etc.

This sad hypocritical view is still expressed today with moustaches being a cute fad in fashion. If a hot model has a handlebar it only makes him sexier, but when I had one everyone called me a peedophile. If you are obsessed with the moustache, appreciate when a real man can grow a real moustache!

Nowadays there has been opposition to the hairless norm, at least with men, with the growing trend of lumbersexuals. Full beards, short hair, flannel, blue jeans, and work boots. I do agree it is attractive, but I have been doing that crap for ten years now! That is why I now just identify as hipster and let it sit at that.

Fads come and go, and the piss me off because I never get recognition, but nowadays I could care less. Shave (or grow) the hairs on your vagina, penis, armpits, face, head, hell any part of the body. I might not find it that attractive, but I honestly don't care. Just don't put up the fake front, and care less about what people think!

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