Sunday, February 15, 2015

Addicted to Surgery

I feel that plastic surgery should have never became a hip thing to do. I have spent many years with veterans and around the VA so I see the benefits of plastic surgery and what the intentions originally were. I feel it is a type of body modification, but tattoos are not hip, people still think I am a fag or a freak because I wear gauges, yet someone gets the fat pumped out of them and back into their lips and it is perfectly okay. Luckily the views of disgust for tattoos and piercings are decreasing.

The article about teens getting breast augmentation and reduction was interesting. I thought it was great how he told main girl that she had the perfect breasts that people would pay so much for. She wanted her breasts reduced since they were causing problems, which is great because she actually had a reason for getting them reduced instead of making them aesthetically pleasing. I feel that unless there are medical or extreme psychological problems, like back pain or having your leg blown off, you should stay natural.

I find makeup unattractive too. While I don't call people out for looking like clowns, I always tell myself how much more beautiful they would be without makeup. While tattoos and piercings aren't natural, I have reasons for them aside from the fact that I enjoy the looks of them. I didn't have to go under the knife or have a pump hooked up to me, and I don't have to apply them everyday.

The worst surgical body modification I feel is liposuction. I know people that have had it done, and they ballooned right back up within a year. I have been fat for fifteen years, finally I decided to stop making excuses and put in the work. If you want something bad enough where it just requires a little effort instead of necessary surgeries, you can do it yourself and not head to the slab multiple times.

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  1. The down side to the democratization of plastic surgery is its popularity. Too many unnecessary surgeries take place. As you note, these resources could be better served elsewhere.