Sunday, March 29, 2015


During our last class discussion, there was a brief discussion about tattoos and whether or not they serve as a community or individual experience. In accordance with the individualization of our society, I believe that in the United States, at least, getting tattooed has become more of an intrapersonal experience, rather than an interpersonal one. 

Of course, tattoos as a community experience can be seen through tattoos that are meant to designate some sort of affiliation or inclusion into a group or organization such as anchors or ships that would represent the navy or the Olympic Games rings to represent athletic success and participation in the games. Nevertheless, many would agree that tattoos have become very internally drive, like Erika said. Like many have pointed out thus far, we have experienced a cultural shift where there is an emphasis and focus on maximizing and exposing the true inner self. For this reason, some of the principles of burning man probably seem so bizarre or even illogical. Like many, my tattoo was also internally driven and chose a semi-discreet location so that I wouldn’t be asked about it all the time. Even at the tattoo partlour it seems as though there exists a new wave of tattooists that are deeply invested in the quality of their product that they end up sacrifice the shared experience and storytelling of that intimate moment. 

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