Friday, March 20, 2015

Norm to Fetish

    This week our discussion regarding corsetry and its shrinking prevalence in modern society, when compared to heels, initiated an interesting conversation. Recently it has been regaining popularity. Initially corsets were worn instead of bras and were intended to help with posture and give women an hourglass appearance. During WWII steel became more rare, and it was necessary to find a new way to support breasts. When the bra became popular, the use of the corset dropped substantially. However, it has persisted throughout time in certain social circles. The elite used to have fancy corsets with their ballgowns. 

Now corsets have mostly been reduced to use among actors, actresses, and as part of costumes. However, fascination with the garment has continued and inspired many fashion designers and forms of body modification. For example there is a corset piercing that people get done . There are also braces for scoliosis that are fastened similarly to a corset. The list continues. It is even fetishized. 

Today high heels are perhaps more common than the corset.  Yet, the corset has not bee forgotten. As society becomes more interested in curves again, the popularity of corsets may continue to be on the rise. It is just remarkable how much one garment has made to the fashion industry as well as the shape of bodies. Our continued fascination, and recent interest in this traditional garment may represent how we are trying to go back to our roots in fashion.


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