Monday, April 27, 2015


   Where are we going as humanity? People are driven to find and create technology, expand their potentials, and improve healthcare. Is there a point when this goes to far? Should we create devices that break the barrier of limits that are faced by the human's natural body? Trans-humanists would argue that yes we should. According to magazines, the next generation is already expected to live 120 years old. That is a long time, longer than this oldest person lived.
   There are prosthetic devices that work better than the body's natural body. Is that a nice advantage or circumstance? I think that while it's incredible technology has come so far, we are taking it a little too far. Going too far can make people believe that we have the ability to be perfect physically and do anything, which may be more of a possibility than ever before. However, it is strange for health advancements to make a person better than they were before they got hurt in my opinion.

   Technological advancements in prosthesis used to be in order to make it function like a normal person's leg. Why should we go beyond that just because we can? I think increasing people's capacities fundamentally could create a prbem much like that in science fiction movies.

   If a lot of people have superhuman abilities (running faster, climbing better, etc) it will make it had for normal humans to be accepted. There may become a bigger problem for those people who don't want to become trans-human or even remain disabled. The situation would remind me of one in a recent movie, Divergent. This whole process just seems a bit absurd and extreme to me. Although, I will not refute that it is an interesting subject.

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